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Welcome to The Manor

If we all practice the highest level of safety we will have the best outcome.  Please, do your best to honor all safety rules for the safety of your loved one and all of our neighbors who live here. There is protocol for everything in the building including moving in and out.  Call the office for the updated rules: 845-0572.  

The offices are closed to walk in traffic until further notice. Anyone who is not approved at the office as a designated in-home health care worker is considered a visitor and visitors are not allowed at this time. We deeply appreciate respectful behavior as we are working hard to keep everyone safe.  

Common areas are currently closed, including the office.  All business should be done by phone.  Housekeeping is temporarily suspended.  If a tenant requires emergency cleaning of some kind, call the office and we will talk through what is possible. Food serviced is being delivered to everyone's door. 

Now is the time to help a senior in your life to make the decision to live safer, healthier and happier. It is difficult to leave a home or farm and take that daring step to “start over” in a new community.  The Manor at Sherman Oaks is the PERFECT next step.  It allows a person to be independent with the services needed at the level required to remain independent in their own apartment.  As life changes…services can change with them allowing them to remain here to end of life.  You can hire and work with private in-home health care contractors who develop a personalized plan for your loved one. 

YOUR PEACE OF MIND: We often hear family members say they are overwhelmed with caring for a parent or grandparent and they don’t know what to do.  Start with a tour.  Come by yourself and see what we have to offer.  Take a few pieces of information back to your loved one and start the conversation.  Then schedule a tour for them.  We also suggest that they come back as our guests for dinner.  If they are having a hard time coming to peace with the decision to move, this often helps. 

Call us today at 231-845-0572 and we are happy to help you with the process.  We can make it easy and take the worry about the next step. 

We Are Here To Help!

We are committed to providing independent senior living with a high level of quality service. We focus on families and friends being a part of your life and providing many opportunities for their involvement.

Our goals include respecting your freedom of expression for personal thoughts and feelings while promoting warm, caring relationships between neighbors and staff. We offer programs that foster intellectual stimulation and conversation while giving kindness and compassion between neighbors and staff. You will enjoy that we are focused on fun and happiness with a variety of social opportunities. We respect tradition and are considerate of conservative feelings towards budgets and spending. We are also understanding of the importance of financial security for each resident. 


At The Manor you will find friends who understand how challenging it is to move from your beloved home or farm.  Many of our tenants moved here after living 30-80 years in a beloved home...some still lived in their childhood home when it came time to make the decision to move.  We can help you to successfully deal with the sorrow, loss, and challenge of making this needed change.  

We find that once you move in we help you to quickly adjust and find joy and purpose.  Our tenants are independent and full of life.  We focus on helping you to find joy in each day. You don't have to feel alone as you will have a partner in us and many neighbors close by who want to help.  People become happier, healthier and more at peace here by knowing they have friends around them who understand and care.  

The Manor has a mix of neighbors who choose to live here. Anyone 55 and older can live at The Manor so our tenant base ranges for 55-97+.  We can also provide emergency housing or be a great option for those who require a barrier free housing option at any age.  Our tenants come from around the world.  We have those who are born and raised here in Mason County and those who come from faraway places.  So you are not alone in your journey.  If you are from the area you will know people who live here but also have the fun of meeting new friends.  If you are moving here from a distant location you have the peace of mind in knowing that you are not alone and you will find others who chose The Manor for some of the same reasons you did.  There is always room at the table for another friend.

Loss is part of all of our lives but as we approach our golden years it can become a heavy burden. Many deal with the loss of a spouse or child.  Others are dealing with the loss of a home, freedom to travel, or physical loss such as hearing, sight, mobility, the list goes on.  At The Manor you will find a friend who understands and can help you to mend your broken heart. We focus on being compassionate and helping you to find joy in each day.  We help you to surround yourself with people who love and care about you.   No one can ever take the place of a missed loved one or fill the void of a longing heart but we can help to build new friendships and memories, fill your day with laughter and fun and help you to look forward to tomorrow.  

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